Through this facility CGL supply diesel fuel to the mining, agricultural and rural communities in the East Kimberley. CGL supplies fuel to a number of unbadged retailers in Wyndham and Kununurra and and this is the cheapest reatil diesel in the Kimberley.

The terminals storage capacity is 14,000 metric tonnes or 17 million litres in two tanks (12 million and 5 million litres). The annual throughput averages around 70 Million litres and has been as high as 90,000 million litres.

The diesel is usually imported from Japan or Korea and the average cargo volume is 10,000 metric tonnes or 12 million litres.

In 2013, CGL entered into an arrangement with Buru energy whereby the 5 million litre tank has been assigned for the storage and transfer of crude from Buru's Ungani field in the Canning Basin, approximately 140kms north of Broome and 1,000kms by road to Wyndham. This is proposed to be a relatively short term arrangement until such time as Buru are able to establish an export facility in Broome. The volume of crude delivered into Wyndham is expected to ramp up from 700 barrels (110,000 litres) a day to as much as 5,000 barrels (800,000 litres) a day during the term of this arrangement

CGL continues to look for new opportunities for fuel distribution both within the Kimberley and other areas of Northern Australia.