The company intends to achieve its Corporate Objective by:

  • Growing its existing business in fuel importation and wholesaling based on its current investment in the Wyndham fuel terminal.
  • Developing fuel supply arrangements in other areas of northern Australia.
  • Providing management and maintenance services arrangements to other fuel terminals.
  • Promoting the expanded use of the Port of Wyndham
  • Providing new storage and logistical opportunities on the Company’s property adjacent to the Port.
  • Developing new business opportunities that have synergies with the Company’s existing businesses.
  • Acquiring or developing new business which meets the Company’s investment criteria and is within the Company’s capacity to manage efficiently.
  • Promoting and developing the CGLtd identity as a major Australian regional industrial company.
  • Developing mutually beneficial and sustainable relationships with indigenous groups that provide investment and long term employment opportunities for indigenous people.