our business

CGLtd principal business activities are:

  • Importation and wholesaling of bulk fuel through its wholly owned fuel terminal in Wyndham.
  • Delivery of fuel to remote sites.
  • The operation and management of the Wyndham Port via an operating agreement with the Department of Transport.
  • Provision of stevedoring and other Port related services CGL has structured its business arrangements through a combination of divisions and wholly owned subsidiary companies.
  • Facilitating the import and export of a variety of commodities through the storage facilities on CGL freehold land within the Wyndham Port precinct including nickel concentrate, live cattle export, agricultural products, bulk diesel and crude oil. 
  • The importation and distribution of diesel on the Gove peninsular facilitated through a supply contract with Rio Tinto's Gove operation. This contract is a 50/50 joint venture with Bunuwal Investments who represent the Rirratjingu traditional owners of the area.
  • Ownership of strategic land assets in Wyndham and Kununurra facilitating a number of lease arrangements.